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About Scarce Insights

Scarce Insights provides Deep Domain expertise in Mobile Health (M-Health) and Electronic Health (E-Health). As well as our Domain expertise, we are Process and Practice experts in all aspects of Strategic Innovation, Business Venture Planning, Integrated Roadmapping, Business Performance Improvement & Optimization, as well as Market Research and Competitive Analysis. Despite our Domain, Process and Practice expertise, we consider our underlying Core Competence to be in the areas of Problem Solving and Data-Driven Decision Making. We work with all sizes of businesses, from Pre Start-Up all the way up to Large Multi-Nationals. The true Entrepreneurial Spirit exists in the few. Our passion is to empower those few with our Scarce Insights and play a small part in the realization of amazing innovations, and give the strategic advantage to you.

Our Mission:

1. Play a key role in bringing transformative, safe and efficous M-Health and E-Health innovation to market that has a significantly positive impact across targeted healthcare ecosystems - including payers, clinicians, patients and any consumer of personal and population health information.

2. Deliver valuable insights to entrepreneurs, in any setting, that will enable the delivery of innovation that has a major net positive impact regardless of the targeted domain and market.

Introducing Our Founder, President & CEO

Mark I. Frazer BSc (Hons), MBA

Mark's LinkedIn Profile

Mark has worked as an executive in the Medical Device Sector for the past 15 years - at Marconi (now Philips Healthcare), Welch Allyn (now Hill-Rom), and RedSky. He has held Director and Vice President positions responsible for Research & Development, Corporate Strategy & Corporate Development, Global Marketing, Business Intelligence and General Management. His final position at Welch Allyn was to create and lead the Telehealth strategic growth initiative. He continued his focus on Digital Health at RedSky, with numerous ventures in the M-Health and E-Health spaces. For the past two years Mark has also been appointed Innovator in Residence and now Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Texas at El Paso. Mark is relishing his new role in leading Scarce Insights to become a force in global M-Health and E-Health consulting, and realize the transformative promise of the new digital health era.

Mark's background is in computer science and software engineering. After climbing to the top of the technical career ladder at Marconi (as Chief Engineer), Mark transitioned into process improvement to build a global software process program across Marconi. He continued this focus at Welch Allyn, where he expanded the scope into enterprise improvement covering all major functional areas. This experience proved invaluable in gaining an in-depth knowledge of how a large multi-national corporation operates and succeeds as a market leader. Major achievements included the establishment of an integrated roadmapping capability, and an enterprise wide resource allocation system to iteratively manage corporate priorities and expectations (from the Executive Committee) with the capability of the organization to deliver. Mark also led the R&D Process Management Center of Excellence where his primary achievement was to transform an FDA compliant product development process from being overly rigid and cumbersome into an agile and tailorable integrated process, while also maintaining regulatory compliance.

While at Welch Allyn Mark played a key role in the establishment of their radical and breakthrough focused healthcare innovation sudisiary, Blue Highway. This meant building relationships with 30+ major Universities across the globe, Seed Funding multiple medical technology start-up's, and conducting contract R&D with a world-class staff of Ph.D researchers and biomedical engineers. Mark led the creation of a trade secret triage process to select early stage medical innovations to fund, and achieved a hit rate in the region of 50X that of a typical Angel Fund. Mark was then recruited into RedSky by the ex Blue Highway CEO as Vice President of the company. As the first person hired by the new RedSky President, Mark was responsible for building a new Triage Process, developing the Core Business, Education and Training of Entrepreneurs, and delivering results on various Consulting Engagements with Universities and Healthcare Innovation firms. Again, Mark also focused on M-Health and E-Health at RedSky, building a mega solution by bringing together various start-up's to form a transformatively new digital health platform.

Mark's career has seen him manage Multi-Million Dollar Budgets, play key roles in the Acquisition and Integration (and Divestiture) of over $4bn of companies, and deliver between 10X and 30X ROI from Business Performance Transformation projects. He has won multiple CEO awards for his achievements, and was also selected to be fully funded by the company to earn his MBA. He is also a seasoned public speaker, having presented at numerous International Conferences across North America and Europe. Mark earned his Bachelor of Science degree (with Honours) in Computer Science and Software Engineering from the University of Birmingham, UK. After 20 years of continuing and rigorous professional education, in 2012 Mark earned his MBA (Finance/Economics/Global Healthcare) from the Simon Graduate School of Business at the University of Rochester, New York.