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Our Staff Blogger's Biography

Mark Frazer

Mark Frazer is the President & CEO of Scarce Insights, and is a prolific blogger and strong advocate for moving society into the Digital Era of Healthcare that has been on the horizon for decades now. Despite the compelling economic and health improvement imperatives that make the decision for society to move into to a new completely connected and seamless healthcare system, the barriers for doing so remain high and often counter-productive. Mark founded Scarce Insights in order to help entrepreneurs overcome the seemingly unsurmountable odds of moving us forward into the promised land that digital healthcare no doubt holds for everyone.

Mark Frazer's LinkedIn Profile

Before founding Scarce Insights in 2015, Mark spent over two decades working in various executive positions in multiple disciplines in a number of healthcare innovation companies from very large multinational's, all the way down to pre start-up's and early stage start-up's. He spent many years in medical device Reseaerch & Development, before transitioning into Corporate Strategy, and then finally into Global Marketing. Mark is also a highly accomplished Change Management expert, having driven global enterprise wide performance transformation efforts across Europe and North America. He also led Software Engineering Process Groups in both Europe and North America, establishing multiple CMMI Level 2 to Level 5 oragnizations within the Defense and Telecommunications Industries. Today, Mark is dedicated to transforming Mobile Health capabilities as a single step towards transforming global healthcare capabilitities into the highly connected and information centric model that will be a catalyst for solving many disease state problems, patient compliance and tolerance issues, care provider legal and economic incentives, and payer economic issues that hinder the massive adoption of mHealth and a Prevention Centric healthcare business model.