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Mark Frazer Selected to Present: Capability Counts Conference

The 10 Players Who Determine the Success or Failure of Process Improvement In The Healthcare Industry

Annapolis MD, May 10-11, 2016

Abstract of Presentation

After over a decade of managing major process improvement programs in the healthcare industry, we have established a framework to help ensure a lasting and successful program. Part of this framework is the identification of the 10 key players (or stakeholders) who will determine successes and failures. In this presentation we will highlight these players and provide an overview of how they will influence the sponsorship, adoption, and outcomes of the program. Through a stakeholder management approach, these 10 players can be leveraged to dramatically improve the success of any healthcare business centric performance improvement program.

Track Record at International Performance Improvement Conferences

Mark has presented at several public Process Improvement Conferences in North America and Europe over the years as well as an incalculable number at private internal company conferences. While the CMMI Suite has evolved significantly over the years, Mark has continued to build his skills in managing change and has kept up to date with various model based performance improvement paradigms and has managed major enterprise-wide change programs with Business, Process and IT centric themes.
Mark's public presentations at major international process improvement conferences have been:

  1. (1) International Conference on Software Process Improvement (ICSPI), Washington D.C., Experiences with a risk based approach to CMMI implementation.

  2. (2) SEI European SEPG Conference, London, England, Experiences with a risk based approach to CMMI implementation.

  3. (3) SEI SEPG Conference, Nashville, Tenessee, Revitalizing a Stalled Engineering Process Group.

  4. (4) SEI SEPG Conference, Austin, Texas, Designing a process improvement program for success in the medical device industry - strategies, examples and outcomes.

  5. (5) SEI SEPG Conference, Tampa, Florida, Managing a portfolio of process improvement projects.

  6. (7) SEI SEPG Conference, San Jose, California, A business strategy driven approach to enable successful process improvement.

  7. (8) SEI European SEPG Conference, Porto, Portugal, Attracting investment in process improvement through strategic positioning.