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Mark Frazer to Join Judging Panel

Innovation in Technology Final Exam - May 10 2016

For the final exam of the Innovation in Technology Course this year, taught by Professor Novick, Mark Frazer will be a member of the judging panel to provide feedback and advice to each of the student teams.

This course develops design skills for advanced students in engineering and computer science, building on the students’ technical knowledge to help them identify and find novel solutions for difficult design problems. To do this, the course enables students to improve their innovation skills and to understand the role of innovation in technology-based enterprises. Working with the innovation techniques of Liberating Structures as a central theme, the course integrates improvisation and story-telling to build creativity. Students will apply these techniques to develop computer-game scenarios, mobile applications, and, more broadly, ideas for technology-based business and public-sector start-ups. Students will also develop perspective on how design affects translation to commerce or other use.