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Mark Frazer Appointed Entrepreneur in Residence

The Mine has a new Entrepreneur in Residence! - 2015/2016

That is right, our student incubator has appointed Mark Frazer as the new Entrepreneur in Residence. If you remember Mark was previously appointed as Innovator in Residence for the Mike Loya Center, and now you will have the opportunity to learn from him and be mentored as your projects on the incubator progress.

Mark was delighted to accept the position of Entrepreneur in Residence for the Mike Loya Center for Innovation and Commerce for the academic year 2015/2016. This was of course following the role in 2014/2015 as the center's Innovator in Residence. Mark is working with the center's leadership to provide some exciting new resources that will enhance the abilities of all who pass through this year and in future years. All eligible faculty and students are encouraged to contact Mark to ask for advice and guidance.