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Scarce Insights Press Release

Strategic Partnership Announcement April 28, 2016

Scarce Insights and Radicle Innovation today proudly announce that they are entering into a Strategic Partnership. This partnership will allow the two organizations to enter into collaborative efforts without the usual overhead associated with such a partnership, and to move ahead with unparalleled speed in all collaborative efforts. We term this as working at "The Speed of Trust" - where two separate organizations can operate as though they are a single entity with zero agency cost. Agency costs occur when two organizations decide to work together due to clear business advantages such as high levels of synergy, and yet have to incur a set of additional transactional costs due to having to put in place complex legal systems to mitigate issues of trust and joint management decision making, etc. Due to a track record of over two decades of exemplary business and personal integrity between the owners of both Scarce Insights and Radicle Innovation, these companies have decided to proceed with a business relationship that does not need to deal with any such agency costs. This strategic partnership also makes enormous sense due to the exceptional synergies that exist between the two organizations. For all selected ventures, Scarce Insights and Radicle innovation will now operate seamlessly, fully leveraging each other’s capabilities to offer clients an experience that provides greater efficiency, an expanded portfolio of expertise, and exceptional customer service. This is an example of how these two companies are transforming the way business is done for the betterment of all.

About Scarce Insights

Scarce Insights is a refreshingly new boutique consulting firm specializing in Mobile Health and Electronic Health. If your organization is working on any aspect of m-health or e-health then we can provide those scarce insights that can help you with the following:

1. Superior adoption success with payers / clinicians / patients / consumers
2. Clear clinical outcome improvements
3. Reduction in the cost of providing excellent healthcare
4. On-going regulatory compliance as the sophistication of m-health solutions evolve

As well as providing strategy and innovation consulting specifically tailored for m-health/e-health focused firms, we also provide expertise for any start-up to large corporation in many areas of classic management consulting. This includes Strategic Planning, Marketing Communications, Integrated Roadmapping, Enterprise Performance Improvement, and Lean Start-Up Methodology Mentoring.

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