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Practice Area Overview

The business model describes how what value is created and how it is delivered to customers. The business model will clearly show how the business generates value for itself in the long run.


Practice Area Goals

Our objective is to help you develop the best business model you can. Our goals for the practice area are to: 1. Utilize best practice to define your business model, and 2. Establish the means to validate your business model.


What We Do

Our process for Business Model Creation includes the following activities are: 1. Business Model Outlining, 2. Business Model Value Tracing, 3. Business Model Formation, 4. Business Model Data Analysis, and 5. Business Model Test Planning.


Effectiveness Measures

We provide the means to measure the effecitvness of the Business Model using a set of metrics that provide insight into the Completeness and Usability of the model, and also its effectivness in communicating how the business operates.

V & V

Verification & Validation

We provide a set of tools to test the business model through simulation and also through a focus on making sure that all assumptions make are valid.


Guidelines and Examples

As well as failitating the creation and test of a Business Model, we provide the processes and tools to be used to ensure that the business model remains consistent and complete as it evolves. We also provide a set of example business models that show excellent examples of business models that are proven.