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Our Expertise

8 Domains of Expertise

We have 8 areas of Domain Expertise. These are our signature areas of expertise and are supported by well defined processes, tools and professional materials. In addition to these 8 domains we have developed 20 specific practice areas which are described in detail as you scroll down. We are ready and eager to help innovators and entrepreneurs succeed by giving them a true strategic advantage. This advantage is born from the exceptional creative and technical talents of our customer, and we humbly offer over two decades of professional experience , exceptional and systematic success, and the very hard earned knowledge that comes from failing, to help give you that extra special edge.

20 Practice Areas - Strategy / Innovation / Performance

We have developed the 20 practice areas below based on two decades of high tech innovation experience. We have been part of enormous success stories, but the experience gained from our failures is equally important. We focus on facilitating the application of these practice areas for our clients, but our engagements are entirely bespoke. The application of each practice area is dramatically different for tiny Pre Start-Up's, versus a large Multi-National Corporation. We have worked successfully with small, medium and very large teams.

We offer services to facilitate the application of each of these practice areas. This includes providing documented processes, training in the use of the processes, and facilitating teams in producing the resulting deliverables. In the case of Healthcare Innovation, we can participate in crafting detailed strategies and plans as domain experts.

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