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Scarce Insights is a refreshingly new boutique consulting firm specializing in Mobile Health and Electronic Health. If your organization is working on any aspect of mHealth or eHealth then we can provide those scarce insights that can help you with the following:

  1. Superior adoption success with payers / clinicians / patients / consumers
  2. Clear clinical outcome improvements
  3. Reduction in the cost of providing excellent healthcare
  4. On-going regulatory compliance as the sophistication of m-health solutions evolve

As well as providing strategy and innovation consulting specifically tailored for m-health/e-health focused firms, we also provide expertise for any start-up to large corporation in the following areas:

  1. Corporate and Competitive Strategy Development, with Strategic Goal Development and Cascade
  2. Enterprise Change Management, featuring: CMMI, Balanced Scorecard, and Lean Six Sigma Based Performance Improvement
  3. Integrated Roadmapping Design and Implementation
  4. Lean Start-up Method Implementation, Start-Up Team Coaching and CEO Mentoring
  5. Creative Marketing Planning and Implementation for Start-Up's

After 25 years of taking early-stage healthcare innovation to highly successful global product deployments, we’re still able to bring something new. Our core competence is Problem Solving and the problem solving process is something we thoroughly enjoy.

See our CEO introduce our capabilities in the video's below.


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